VaBroom combines a stylish and lightweight broom with a powerful built-in micro-vacuum that effectively removes the need for a dustpan. Just like a standard broom, the brooms sweeps the mess into a line or pile. However, there is no need to reach for a dustpan. The pressure-activated nozzle sucks the mess up into an easy to disable waste box. 

There was no question which product Enhance Product Development would begin their journey with. It had to be VaBroom. The design was tested and refined, the online surveys were completed, and since the launch, VaBroom is the favorite of Enhance’s team.

The VaBroom is a lightweight, cleaning tool with built-in powerful suction. This product effectively eliminates the need for a dustpan. Sweep your mess of dust, dirt, and debris into a line or a pile with the broom head. Then, thanks to the powerful vacuum suction and using the pressure activated nozzle, your mess is gone in seconds. The easy-release debris bin allows for quick, touchless emptying. The VaBroom is the original Smart Broom.

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