The Romans PR is bored with uninteresting PR

The Romans PR, lead by co-founder Joe MacKay – Sinclair, is small, however fast-growing, with a fantastic culture. In the last few years, The Romans team has been productive from outstanding development and doubling its office space to winning loads of awards.

Launched in 2015 and backed by advertising agency Mom, The Romans Public Relations group has collaborated with a few of the world’s most amazing brand names and developed several of the most ingenious and awarded gained media campaigns of current years.

Agency Of The Year

Refuse to snooze campaign by the romans pr

“Refuse to snooze” campaign by The Romans PR

Over the last 4 years, the PR firm has gone from a small start-up to being called Agency Of The Year in early 2018. And in 2019 as well. And again in 2020.

There seem to be two contributing factors to this. The Romans PR seems to work with the best talent around. And they deal with every case and pitch like it’s going to be their finest piece of work yet.

Putting team members before profit margins is essential at The Romans: a chef is employed to cook a day-to-day sit-down dish for the team to share. Also, each worker gets a membership card to Shoreditch House, and the group enlists in what they refer to as monthly “woke activities” from crystal recovery to flotation storage tank sessions. Mental well-being rests at the heart of the agency, with experienced Mental Health First Aiders at hand or paid-for expert aid, which can be accessed anonymously.

Not only does having a high society boost The Romans’ staff’s well-being, but it has also led to a solid organization performance: 2019 was its 4th successive year of double-digit growth, at 34%, and in 2015 its profits exceeded ₤ 400,000. A new business is happening as well: the company won 17 brand-new accounts, including Popchips, Moonpig, Ben & Jerry’s and Ovo Energy.

Their talented team created some of the most innovative campaigns and worked with some of the world’s most well-known brands, including Bacardi, Coca-Cola, Playstation, BMW, Audi, Ford, Heist and Sony Mobile. The backgrounds of their team members are consumer and corporate agencies as well as in-house roles. The Romans PR ran global campaigns that have launched in over 100 markets and created tactical campaigns that won awards for start-ups.

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