About Home Buyers Network Australia

The sole aim of Home Buyers Network Australia is to help daily Australians achieve wealth via property investment to realise their dreams. To achieve this, they instruct you how to get out of bad debt and replace it with good debt.

We assist you in building a Property Nest Egg outside of your home by targeting High Growth and High Rental markets and match the property style that fits the location to maximise returns and yields for you. Home Buyers Network Australia takes away the time and stress associated with building a successful Income Producing Property Portfolio.

They match all purchases with your current living costs, so your current lifestyle won’t be disrupted.

Why pick Home Buyers Network Australia

Home Buyers Network Australia’s key objective is to aid first home buyers get their new homes, even without a down payment or savings. In doing so, they:

  • Benefit the customer, not the contractors
  • Allow the customers to select where they wish to live in the greater Brisbane area 
  • Designate a personal coach to clients to lead them through the process from beginning to end
  • Offer clients a complimentary 12-week “Responsible Banking Course” to help them become effective homeowners and pay bills easily.

Home Buyers Network Australia for Investors

“Wealth is a slippery customer that eludes most hardworking people.”

Home Buyers Network Australia is a group of investors, mortgage brokers, financial planners, and agents dedicated to helping investors achieve an abundant lifestyle. 

Home Buyers Network Australia’s driving force comes from its belief that true financial freedom only starts when debt is gone from your life. The secret to reaching this goal is to know how to tackle the obstacles in your way.  

The Home Buyers Network Australia team has tried and true, time-tested strategies to overcome the pitfalls that challenge hardworking men and women trying to achieve financial success. They take their clients through a step-by-step process to rid debt out of their lives so that they can start rolling out a roadmap created by the HBNA’s professionals, to making money while you sleep.  

Making money while you sleep is the dream for most hardworking people, but according to the statistics, only the top 5% of income earners worldwide have achieved this goal. Success leaves clues, though. And that’s why the team at The Home Buyers Network Australia spent decades researching, comparing, and analysing the stories of success. Now, they use this information and industry insight to develop personalised roadmaps to financial success, tailored to suit every client. 

The Process

The beauty of their approach is its simplicity. With only six simple steps, you could be on your way to fulfilling your lifelong financial goals. 

  1. Contact HBNA – If you are looking for an investment property in South East Queensland, with a guaranteed three-year rental return, HBNA is for you! Contact them today, and their team will be in touch to arrange an appointment with a lead strategist to discuss how they can help to achieve your goals!
  2. Borrowing capacity – After qualifying for the program, their mortgage team will be in contact to begin the process of choosing a bank. This step will help you determine how much you can borrow, which is important to know before you begin the house hunt!
  3. Pick your property – Now, they’ll set up a meeting to review your options and decide on the best pathway moving forward. This conversation will include deciding on a location that ticks all of your boxes – proximity to schools, shops, transportation, and rental demand, and high capital growth! HBNA has properties across South East Queensland, so there are plenty of choices to suit every budget, taste, and interest.
  4. Contract to Buy – So, you’ve found the perfect property. What next? We will work with your solicitor to draw up a contract for the bank to assess your property and approve your home loan. This step is essential as it is the best way to protect your interests and secure a home loan for the best possible rate. We understand that dealing with banks can be confusing and time-consuming. That’s why we will guide you through every step of the process, ensuring we are always on hand to answer any questions you may have.
  5. Bank approval! – You’ve been given the tick of approval. Now the HBNA team will work with the chosen builder to kick start the construction process of your investment property. They will be by your side for the entire journey, from the first sod turn to the final touches.
  6. Completion – It’s finally here. Your property is complete! By the time you’re handed the keys to your property, HBNA will have already secured a suitable tenant to take on a lease. With the three-year-rental guarantee, you’ll start feeling the benefits of financial success almost straight away!

Home Buyers Network Australia for First Home Buyers

The prime goal of Home Buyers Network Australia is to get you right into your brand-new house. Even if you think you can’t do it, they will help you!

Home Buyers Network Australia is a team of home loan brokers, economic organizers, and property agents. Jim Downs launched the team in response to most of his investor clients and homebuyers unable to secure financing to purchase a home. First home buyers are specifically struggling to conserve deposits, fund loan mortgage insurance for the bank, and pay lawyers as well. All this is practically impossible for the majority of them.

Home Buyers Network Australia’s team of skillfully qualified operators helps clients find the ideal home and select the best bank loan. They have a continuous contact policy to inform customers of every step of the procedure. Their team of experts will offer you all the help and tools needed for you to obtain your new home.

The Process

Home Buyers Network Australia’s system is a simple six-action procedure in which you could be on your means to possess your new home!

1.Contact – If you wish to know your options and get $30,000 towards your brand new home, contact them now.

2. How much can you borrow – A member of the mortgage team will be in contact to start the process of choosing a financial institution. This step lets you know just how much you can borrow.

3. Choose your property – A meeting will be set up to go over all of your alternatives, including: Where can you afford to buy that ticks the majority of your boxes, such as schools, shops & transportation. They also establish how much you can invest now that you have a $30,000 down payment. Home Buyers Network Australia has buildings all over Brisbane, which allows you to go over several choices. There is something for everybody!

4. Contract to buy – Home Buyers Network Australia obtains a lawyer to prepare the contacts with the bank. The bank will value your acquisition to make certain it’s worth what you are spending on it. This is a necessary step to safeguards your interests. The HBNA professionals are on hand to respond to any kind of questions you may have throughout this procedure.

5. The bank gives you the ok! – Congratulations! Now, the team collaborates with the building contractor to start building your home. Most first home buyers join the free once-a-week budgeting webinars where your inquiries will be answered and your spending plans reviewed. It’s cost-free and fun to listen to other first home buyers speaking about exactly how it’s going for them!

6. Moving in! – Time for celebrations! Home Buyers Network Australia holds your hand throughout the entire procedure.