JT Foxx reviews from some of his students

Below you will find some of the JT Foxx reviews, shared by his students. Students also wrote reviews on Amazon for his book called, Business Lessons. If you are a student or have attended JT’s events, we would love for you to share your JT Foxx reviews below.

“If I hadn’t met JT Foxx, I probably would still be employed. That’s what JT did for me. He gave me the courage and the belief in myself that I can do it. So I went in, resigned, and I’ve started my own brand.

Now, two and a half years later, the Julie Solomon Property brand is a brand to be reckoned with. That’s something I learned from JT, how to brand yourself, how to market yourself, follow it up with the skills that you need, and put yourself out there.

It’s given me that courage and belief in myself that I really am capable, that I’m an authority on my subject matter. I’ve been on TV. I’ve been asked to be a panelist for an entrepreneurial program. I’ve been quoted in the press. I’ve had radio interviews, so I’m growing this business from absolutely zero to several million coming in annually. 

It’s been phenomenal growth. So JT, thank you for putting it out there, and my speaking career has taken off thanks to all the training you’ve given us. I’ve spoken on international stages, shared the stage with

John Travolta and, of course, JT Foxx himself. And the opportunities just keep coming thanks to the coaching. So JT, I owe you one. Thank you.”

See Julie’s video testimonial here.

“Hi, I’m George Ross, Donald Trump’s right-hand man for more than 40 years for a lot of his major deals. I’m here not to talk about Donald, but I

want to talk about JT Foxx. I’ve been with JT Foxx and coached him for more than seven years, and he is the real deal. I’ve met a lot of his students, and they really learned from what he says. They have had wonderful experiences, and they continue coming back. The fact that they continue coming back is really the best testimonial. He doesn’t leave them in midstream at that point. He takes him from one level to the next level. And they can become extremely successful based on his teachings.”

  • George Ross

See George’s video testimonial here.

“I’ve been a coaching student of JT’s for the last ten months. Before coaching, I was all over the place. I couldn’t take my idea and focus on one thing. Now that I am JT’s coaching student, I find it so much easier. I am a property investor.

With coaching, it makes me focus because you need to have this laser focus to concentrate and deal with very important issues, one at a time.  JT’s training classes have been fantastic. I haven’t been exposed to coaching at this level. And I think it is so important for every single business person to have a coach. 

I’m surprised that he has this training for anyone who wants to come in. Two days of training, every single month, in different provinces in South Africa, where he teaches different aspects of a business. He never repeats his training, so I come every single month because I’m learning something every time.

Before I started coaching, I wondered if JT was the real deal but being coached by him in the last ten months, I can now say he is definitely the real deal. I have been on other courses with JT and have been at the triple zero courses. I also met some of his very high-profile friends in South Africa. And what I have been exposed to, there wouldn’t be any way that I would have met these people had I not joined JT Foxx. “

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