JT Foxx Reviews from Clients and the Media

In JT Foxx reviews he is referred to as the “Millionaire Underdog.” Arriving from having nothing and being broke he now owns several businesses, brands, and business interests around the world. He is thought to be a profitable serial entrepreneur and one of the top network speakers in the globe. JT has been considered the World’s # 1 Wealth Coach as viewed and heard on television, and on radio stations, and print.

JT Foxx teaches business people how to brand and sell themselves to be lucrative and build wealth. The great number of JT Foxx reviews and success stories is a demonstration of his skills and his competency to encourage others.

JT Foxx Reviews From Real Clients

Hi, my name’s Richard.

I’m from London in the UK. Two years ago, I had my first coaching session with JT Foxx, and I wanted to share with you what a transformational journey it has been. Heading back to years ago, when I had a job and a career and had been investing in the UK property market, I didn’t have a business and had no clue how to start.

And those first 30 minutes with JT Foxx was so transformational that it enabled me to create not just one company but now, two years on, I have four very successful businesses.

Many people ask me what’s the one thing that JT has taught you, and I say, “no, there isn’t just one thing.” Often the response is, “haha I told you it was a scam.” And I say well no, I can’t tell you that it’s just one thing because what I’ve learned from JT is so plentiful; the way I brand myself, the way I market my business, the way I manage my time, the way I focus, the way I strategically think, the way I implement new ideas, the way I read body language, the way I network, and the way I analyze my deals have all changed. And that’s just a few, so when I talk to people about what JT has done for me in the last two years, it’s everything that helped me create successful businesses. So if you already have a business and you’re looking to take it from good to great, or you’re just starting out, and you need help to get you out of the starting blocks, take it from me; coaching works. Take action today. When JT says powered by your success, he truly means it. JT, thank you for everything.

I’m looking forward to many, many more years of success together.


Julie Soloman, a fruitful real estate entrepreneur, attended JT Foxx Mega Success events in South Africa. Relatively skeptical she went to 3 seminars before signing up for a two-day mentoring. These seminars shifted her life.
Using the tips and tricks that she obtained from JT Foxx, she increased her number of sales in the next three months. Not only did she improve her sales, but she also has renewed energy and drive. JT Foxx gave her back her confidence inside the industry, making her the prosperous expert she is now.

Orsi B. Nagy, an Operations Consultant, saw the results flowing in. After encountering JT Foxx in 2015, she walked out of the presentation. Irritated at him, for naming out whatever she (and many others) did wrong. She did not have a business when she met JT. But soon after attending JT Foxx’ coaching session she began her first business “OBN Consultancy.” After, she started speaking at events to attract clients. After that, she desired to fill up the gap in the Hungarian markets for business owners, so she started up Mega Success Expo. These are events where she and her team passes on the business expertise she obtained.

Suetiong also experienced her husband’s company expanding to new heights soon after “JT Foxx’s mind-changing mentoring.” They had a singular digit millions company but evolved to be a multi-million dollar company.

Shadeska respects JT Foxx as her coach, just as he cherishes his eight trainers. As a result of abiding by the coaching programs, she can provide better solutions to her clients. Her boosted abilities enhanced her business’ earnings. She firmly believes the JT Foxx organization made her a better and optimistic person.

Richard Peutherer calls JT “straight-talking, honest and sometimes harsh with feedback.” But that is exactly what he values. “When using a coach, you don’t want your coach to tell you what you want to hear or be protective to your emotions. With JT it’s straightforward, but you know precisely what you need to do”. Through following one of the programs, he obtained coaching from other trainers such as Donald Trump’s former Executive Vice President & Senior Counsel.

Digital Journal proposes JT’s coaching events to anyone wanting to become a speaker, coach or author. The source appreciates JT as being commonly known as a top wealth and business coach.

JT Foxx Scam

Dollars and successes follow attention. The more interest you will get, the more haters will appear. Unfortunately, also JT is coping with haters calling him a JT Foxx scam and JT Foxx fraud. When chatting to thousands of people across the globe, there will constantly be a few people out to destroy it for anyone else. More than 75% of the adverse JT Foxx reviews are incorrect and made up by men and women out to ruin JT. Many people exploring for reviews want to reassure themselves there is nothing negative. When they find JT Foxx scam stories, this is an affirmation of their gut feelings. Dismissing all the JT Foxx reviews and success stories of profitable entrepreneurs. JT addressed these scam claims on his blog and allowed our investigation team to analyze if the scam was real.

Products and books

One of  Foxx’ coaching books is “Business Lessons from JT Foxx” with 4.1/5 stars.

JT Foxx business lessons amazon

This is a GEM of a quick read! Like any other material from JT Foxx, if you just follow and APPLY just one aspect he mentions in his books, you’re bound to see a positive change in your life and your business! JT Foxx makes an impact in hundreds of thousands of people’s lives. I’m REALLY glad that I had the privilege to have met JT Foxx and several other members of his company. JT Foxx does not just write ‘stuff’…He is SOLID in producing the results too!” – JT Foxx review on Amazon.

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Another best-selling book of JT Foxx is Millionaire Underdog.

Millionaire Underdog is about building your business. This book is not just motivational and inspiring, but actually guides the reader on how to build your business. In the book, JT walks you through marketing, sales, growth, time management, and everything else that an entrepreneur needs to know to be successful. See it as a crash course MBA for entrepreneurs and business owners.

JT Foxx promises you that “Millionaire Underdog,” is “the best business book you’ve ever read that you absolutely won’t put down, and I guarantee you, you’ll read it more than once.”