After years of featuring excellent testimonials, a destructive and libelous report showed up in your search results on Google. A negative story by itself t is harmful enough, but when the review is fake and defaming, it can be troublesome. Intuitively, you’ll feel the impulsion to act to fake reviews instantly. But do not permit […]

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How to avoid being scammed online

How to Avoid Being Scammed Online Fraudsters work with creative schemes to trick millions of individuals every year. In most situations, scammers combine new technology with the old to deceive people to send money or give personal info. We pinpointed some measures that allow you to prevent being ripped off online. 1. Identify scammers. Scammers […]

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the impact online reviews have on local businesses

How Online Reviews Affect Local Businesses With 35% of searches having local intent, local searching is big, to say the least. Of those local searches, 21% of consumers regularly or occasionally viewing online reviews of which 60% wouldn’t engage with a business when they find negative reviews. This shows just how important online reviews are […]

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