Sunny Handa is a Vancouver based Industrial – Organizational Psychologist. He specializes in assisting businesses improve their workers efficiency. In his spare time he writes about his profession for education purposes.

Implementing I/O psychology yourself

If you have a small company as well as only have 5 to 10 staff members, it could not be worth the financial investment to work with an I/O psychotherapist. However, for midsize and big corporations, these specialists are a useful asset if you want to enhance the complete satisfaction and productivity of your employees. Depending on the range of your firm and the job that you feel needs to be done, a specialist may be suitable for you.

Internal psychologists are the better option if you have a big, international organization that wants to establish recurring training programs. Or want to do durable researches of workplace culture in multiple places.

Sunny Handa about implementing personality assessments

Sunny handa shares personality testYou don’t need an on-staff specialist to carry out I/O psychology into your company. By carrying out personality assessments, you can discover just how to work best with your team based upon individual choices, work styles and behaviors.

According to Sunny Handa, personality assessments can be utilized to aid display candidates as a “multiple-hurdle strategy” to hire, or to help create workers.

Six Character Tests

Below are six typical character tests you can utilize:

DiSC Assessment: This test recognizes interaction styles in the workplace and helps employees comprehend just how to interact better and speak to each other.

Myer-Briggs: Also known as the MBTI, this examination places you right into among 16 personality types to aid you to understand how you regard the world and also why you choose. Though this is a popular test, there is some controversy bordering it. According to Sunny, it doesn’t always produce the same outcomes when someone takes the test multiple times.

Predictive Index: The Predictive Index, or PI, is a short, basic test that aids you understand your staff members’ actions at the office. This test can aid you to align objectives and boost performance.

Five-Factor Model Of Personality: The FFM separates individuals into the “big five” attributes: extroversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism and openness to experience.
Occupational Interest Inventories (OIIs): OIIs determine staff members’ rate of interests in the work environment, assisting you to recognize their favored tasks as well as roles. This help in job delegation and also employee retention.

Situational Judgement Tests (SJTs): SJTs make use of promoted circumstances to evaluate how employees would undoubtedly react in a provided situation. In this way, you can assess their customer support abilities as well as challenge any feasible imperfections in their approach.

It’s vital to keep in mind that these examinations aren’t suited for each organization. Attempting to analyze the results of any personality tests by yourself, without the help of a specialist, can lead to controversy and misunderstandings. We advise that you get in touch with a professional psychotherapist before you carry out or share the results of any type of personality examinations in your workforce.

If you are unsure what I/O psychology is, you can visit Sunny Handa’s article where he explains what it is and its benefits.

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