Morten Bjarne Olsen Compels People to End Animal Inhumanity

Animal abuse occurs in all areas of the world. Disclosed incidents of abuse are just the start of the iceberg as far as Morten Bjarne Olsen is concerned. There are tons or even thousands of cases of abuse that go unreported. Men and women carry out devastating and terrifying aggressions on animals, both domestic and stray. With over 70%, a large number of reported animals are dogs, followed by cats with almost 21%. But to Morten Bjarne, all kinds of animals are abused in a variety of ways, and he wants everybody to be mindful of the warnings and battle in opposition to animal inhumanity.

Morten Bjarne Olsen list of clues to watch for

Vicious handling of animals can take many different shapes, varying from unintended negligence due to lack of training and finances up to and including torture like dogfighting. It is crucial to examine both pets and their surroundings to decide if abuse may be taking place. Threatening, nervous and fearful behavior could occur for numerous reasons other than abuse. For example, a pet that is being treated for a health condition may look harmed or have behavior changes at the start of their healing process. The symptoms below will help you determine if the pet( s) you’ve monitored may be casualties of ruthlessness or neglect.

Clues of harm:

▪ Collar in the pet’s neck embedded so tight it is inducing a wound
▪ Open wounds, indications of several restored wounds, or a chronic problem or condition that is not treated
▪ Unattended skin ailments that have caused loss of hair, scaly skin, bumps or rashes
▪ Flea, tick or other outer parasite attacks of the fur
▪ Patches of rugged, skin rashes
▪ Indications of poor grooming; matted fur, long nails, neglected coat
▪ Limping or the inability to walk around or stand stable
▪ Exceptional physical weakness
▪ Excessive discharge from eyes or nose
▪ Seen beating or other signs of physical abuse
▪ Noticeable signs of complication or extreme drowsiness
▪ Pets are noticeably thin
▪ Pets that appear hostile to the owners or other individuals

Morten Bjarne OlsenMorten Bjarne Olsen requests everybody to keep an eye on these types of signs to make known animal cruelty as soon as possible. Morten B Olsen does not doubt that courts and legal officials need to take penalties more seriously and be more strict on repeat abusers.

“It is about time we start looking out for our furry family members, considering that they do not have a voice.”

If you know of any abused animals around you but don’t have an idea what to do, get in touch with Morten B Olsen.