CASE STUDY: Dr. Jabbar Burke PhD. Manslaughter, Pride, Expectation Management and Negative Reviews

Dr. Jabbar Burke PhD has left 44 Google reviews most are only 1 star. See also: DELAWARE vs. JABBAR BURKE Manslaughter conviction for killing a 3-year old boy who urinated in his car. Case details can be reviewed here: Getting inside the mind of a serial complainer – A Mindhacking Case Study. First Impressions: […]

Anthony Clavien Phoenix AZ Consumer Rights Activist

Anthony Clavien of Phoenix AZ – Passionately advocating for more protection for consumers, and businesses who fall victim to Fake News sensationalism. As a Consumer activist, Phoenix AZ-based Anthony Clavien seeks to influence the way in which goods or services are marketed. As a victim of a devastating fake news campaign, which was based on an erroneous […]

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