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Infinity Group Australia has become one of Australia’s fastest-growing debt control companies, assisting countless Australian families by reducing their debt, improve personal finances, and securing their retirement. Clients receive a monthly performance report with detailed statements, and assistance in developing and keeping budgets to ensure success. Infinity’s commitment to excellent customer experience is the cornerstone of its success in the recent years. The approach gets their clients results: 100% of clients pay off more of their home loan in the initial three months with Infinity Group Australia than they did in 12 months before using the old bank structure. With the guidance and support the Infinity experts provide, clients pay off an average of $41,000 in debt in 12 months.

Thanks to these results, Infinity Group Australia was chosen from over 1,000 companies across Australia and New Zealand assessed by Inventium. With the 58th place of AFR’s Most Innovative Companies list, Infinity Group Australia sits in the top 5.8%. Co-founder Graeme Holm thankfully accepted the award at the 2018 AFR Most Innovative Companies List Awards Night on July 2018. Additionaly, Graeme was included in the MPA top 100 broker listing.

The customer reviews about Infinity Group Australia Reviews show a track record of results and excellent customer service. Infinity Group Australia has office spaces in Cronulla and Bella Vista (Sydney), as well as Port Macquarie, Brisbane, and Melbourne.

The Infinity experts call their clients “financial family members.” Some of Infinity’s “family members” shared their experience in detail through reviews.

Infinity Group Australia Client Testimonials

“We feel that we are with Infinity more of a family, we are not afraid to ask questions or give opinions to the Infinity experts. And the infinity experts feel the same with us. And we are now at the stage that our daughter is talking with Infinity about how she can buy her first house. It works!”

“My wife and I are really happy with infinity and certainly with the people that made us feel more than welcome and explain everything in detail trying to secure a really great future for our kids. It’s been a really great journey so far, having the right people giving me the right advice.”

“So I met infinity through my rugby league club, Cronulla Sharks, they were a major sponsor of the club. I sat down with them, me and my wife, and they talked us through the process of how we could save money and budget and eventually purchase a house and future investments. And they just spoke to us in a way that felt comfortable in a way for me and my wife talking to them that we could share things with them about our future and what we had dreams of doing and aspirations we had. And the way they sat down  and made us feel was pretty much the reason why we went with Infinity and was pretty much right after the meeting that we had.”

“We’ve been with Infinity now for 4 years. we were probably like most people “this sounds just a little too good to be true.” In the following 6 months, we were absolutely astounded as to how our mortgage reduced and our savings increased and our wealth increased. I highly recommend that people contact Infinity just to hear what they have to say. I believe it will change your life as it has changed our life. But you never ever know if you never ever try.”

“Before I met Infinity I lived all over the place, had a few different loans in a few different areas. And when I met the guys and just sat down with them and spoke with them, it just simplified just everything for me. We structured everything into one loan and obviously got a better interest rate which is what we are all looking for. And we got up with a financial plan moving forward to hopefully help me when I finish rugby league.”


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