Lile Wellness – A medical practice devoted to your health and wellness 

Lile wellness officeThe formation of Lile Wellness

Lile Wellness started as Island Medical Practice in 2008. Established by Dr Laura Lile, Island Medical Practice began in Grosse Ile, Michigan. As Dr Lile began transitioning her practice into concierge medicine, she opened up offices in Franklin, Michigan, Atlanta, Georgia and Nashville, Tennessee.

In 2015, Dr Lile altered her practice name to Lile Wellness. This name embodies the core values and culture of her practice. She seeks to develop a genuine connection with her clients and guide them on their path to wellness.

The qualified and caring staff 

While Dr Lile spends more of her time concentrating on her concierge and consultation practice, she has taken her decades of experience in the bio-identical hormone replacement therapy area and passed that on to her coworkers. Lile Wellness is staffed by highly skilled experts that have been trained by Dr Lile to manage less complex situations as well as to consult on difficult cases. Clients get superb care at every stage of the health journey.

Individualized care 

As Lile Wellness has sought to treat individuals’ unique medical needs, their ability to bring health solutions has actually increased. Blending therapies in order to diagnoses complex concerns through trend line analyses in order to enhance client’s longevity. The practice works with any other medical team that the patient consults with so that a customized healthcare plan can be given to the patient. This care is provided as sought by the client, who can access the assistance through the concierge service.

Lile Wellness is devoted to a partnership that assists their client’s ever-changing needs. The practice is able to provide treatment plans that can comprise of both traditional and natural medicine. The experts focus on innovative and natural therapies that are safe and help improve your body’s overall functionality, boost immunity and ability to heal itself.

Lile Wellness believes in the art and science of health

In Lile’s beautiful office, they have the skill and resource to test, analysis and study each client’s physical history. Lile Wellness’s founder Dr Laura Lile provides the unique blending of prescriptions and supplements to create individualized health plans. As a licensed compounding pharmacologist with years of experience, Dr Lile and the whole medical staff are able to respond to a client’s unique needs. Lile’s experts understand that no two bodies are alike. These medical professionals are able to provide the medicine and care that your health requires.

Lile Wellness seeks to understand the client’s physical health and also to value their way of life. They take the time to get to know the client as a person and seek to build a trusting partnership. Then as a partner, you can move forward together towards your health goals.

Are you looking for a medical team to partner with you? Below is a list of the practices services.

  • Concierge: extremely personal, dynamic, and detailed treatment
  • Consulting: targeted consultatory care on a per-visit basis
  • Worsening: customized prescriptions for optimal outcomes
  • Thermography: Safe, infrared images identify what’s below the surface.