Books written or contributed to by Sunny Handa MD

Caribbean Medical Schools (Greater and Lesser Antilles)

Caribbean Medical SchoolsBy Steven W. Powell MD (Author), Adnan Khan MD (Contributor), and Sunny Handa MD (Introduction)

Caribbean Medical Schools – Greater and Lesser Antilles is a critical source for students considering attending medical school in the Caribbean. Caribbean Medical Schools – Greater and Lesser Antilles includes a wealth of important information for prospective medical students on Caribbean medical schools placed in the Greater and Lesser Antilles. This book features information on acceptance requirements, international medical graduate residency acceptance statistics, licensing, travel information, and the island life. The American Medical Residency Certification Board (AMRCB®) created this book to assist students in selecting the right medical school and get to know the process of going to an international medical school in the Caribbean Region. The book is often referred to as the “Bluebook,” and is a trusted source for many successful physicians. 

This book is available here.

Introduction to Clinical Clerkships 

Book by Sunny Handa mdThe Introduction to Clinical Clerkships is written by the author Sunny Handa MD. This book is one of the best pocket references for medical students to bring throughout their clerkships and hospital-based rotations. This guide will walk you through the essential elements in obtaining, formulating, and presenting a patient case. Because of the pocket-size, this pocket guide can be carried on all rotations with detailed information on writing SOAP notes for medical school rotations on the wards in pediatrics, medicine, surgery, psychiatry, obstetrics, and gynecology. You can also get the clerkship guide as a softcover book or spiral edition that contains more information on commonly used abbreviations, important numbers, calculations, and frequently used mnemonics. 

You can get this book in pocket-size, so it easy to bring on your rounds. But you can also get the softcover book for additional information. 

Redshelf has the e-book version that has built-in study tools with definitions, study guides, flashcards, annotations, and collaboration. 

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