Dr Sunny Handa MD third party reviews investigated

Dr sunny handa md reputation score

Dr Sunny Handa md rating after eliminating fabricated reviews is 98%.

Inquiry unearths multiple examples of spurious complaints entered against Dr Sunny Handa md, possibly in an effort by underhanded rivals to steal their customers.

Digital Forensic & Investigatory Approaches Applied in Determining Facts:

  1. Investigate each of the reviews posted by the allegedly unhappy customers
  2. Purge reviewers who are clearly serving opponents based on IP address trace
  3. Eliminate grievances published by “fake” consumers, that were clearly established as throw-away personas to:
    1. Untraceable fake criticisms about Dr Handa and/or additional competitors.
    2. Artificial recognition for adversaries of Sunny Handa md inside several hours or minutes of maliciously slandering Dr Handa
      Dismiss sham accusations based upon impossible geographic circumstances. For instance, checking into Dr Handa’s operation 16 minutes before also allegedly posting from a DIY store 409miles to the South.

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