Festus Ndeh is a professor at Troy University Alabama. 

Over 50 of the Festus Ndeh students from Troy University shared their experiences. 

Dr. Festus Ndeh is a great professor who gives educational lectures and ties it together with his travels around travels and experiences. He introduced us to so many great authors. Be prepared for a lot of reading and writing. 

Great professor with infectious enthusiasm. I learned more about African American humanities in one semester than I learned during my entire life. Thanks, Dr. Festus Ndeh, for opening my eyes to the truth of what America really is. The book we read on microaggressions – Citizen by Rankine – was a fantastic reading.

Dr. Festus Ndeh is great. He is well-read and has high expectations from his students. I love how he joins literature and real life. You learn a lot, and you really have to commit to reading to excel in his class. It’s hard work, but worth all the insight you gain from his classes. 

I didn’t want to take this professor at first, but Dr. Festus Ndeh is amazing. He is very well-read and challenges his students. He makes connections between literature and real-life, which makes literature far more exciting.

Dr. Ndeh is a great teacher, and I found him to be very inspirational. Although they’re on the syllabus, he discusses most of the homework in class and describes exactly what he expects, so skipping his class will give you a hard time to keep up. 

Great teacher. He is all over the place with lectures, so just come to class as prepared as possible. Complete the assignments, and you’ll be ok.

Awesome professor. I had Dr. Ndeh in the Spring of 2017 for literature, and I think he is one of the best professors. If you attend class and prepare, you pass. He is very friendly and passionate. I registered for his class and realized he was on holiday in the fall, and I waited to take him in the spring. That’s how much I appreciate his classes.

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