GiftFly review by a business owner

I recommend that the chamber of commerce retail members give GiftFly a go; there is nothing to lose. For a start, unlike plastic gift cards, once activated, the customer is not losing up to five dollars a month in administration fees. The onboarding for new merchants is painless, and it is a great way to increase sales, and it makes customers more “sticky”, so they keep coming back for more.

I see GiftFly as a solution-in-a-box that allows my customers, who already like my products, to buy the gift cards online, and give to their family and friends. This creates a broader customer base who might not have ever dropped by otherwise.

GiftFly is a refreshing change from traditional, physical gift cards.

GiftFly is a fast and easy egift card solution for your business without having to deal with plastic gift cards. It’s quick and easy to set up for your business. Within minutes you’ll be able to integrate the service within your website and Facebook page effortlessly. Consumers will be able to purchase and personalize the ecards for their family and friends from anywhere, anytime. This convenience brings you more business in holiday seasons and beyond. 

How it works

You can download the app via the Appstore. After registering, your egift cards are immediately available on your business’ website, Facebook page as well as on Each “Gift-on-the-Fly” carries your brand with your business details. Customers can buy the egift card online, add a message to it and send it to a friend via Facebook or email in seconds. Every digital gift card has a unique QR (Quick Response) Code. The receiver can save the egift card on any device or print them. They don’t need to download an app to buy or redeem the egift card. When a customer pays with the egift card, you use the app on your iPhone or iPod Touch to scan the QR Code. Then, the egift card company will instantly add money to your account. 

It’s safe, secure, and powerful.