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GlobalTel reviews is aware that Inmate Collect Calls are very expensive. Especially long distance collect calls from jail, which cost even more. That’s why reviews reduces the charges to help you stay connected with your loved one at a more reasonable price. GlobalTel is a 100% verified, FCC registered and secure Telephone Company and provides low-cost jail calls to inmates.

How GlobalTel reviews works

Phone carriers in the facilities determine the cost per call on your distance from the facility. So the closer you are to the facility, the cheaper your calls. Using this concept is how GlobalTel can offer their service because reviews is able to provide you with a local number to the prison. This gives you the opportunity to get jail calls for the lowest price possible.

International jail calls

GlobalTel’s inmate phone service offers cheaper international inmate phone calls from an inmate located in a U.S. based prison. If you currently receive international collect calls from an inmate or are pre-paying for the international inmate phone calls from a U.S. based prison, GlobalTel reviews guarantees to reduce your cost on your international inmate phone calls.

GlobalTel uses the same technology that the inmate phone providers have been using for years to over-charge you on your international inmate phone calls. However, GlobalTel has the ability to route these inmate phone calls to your international landline or international mobile phone. This saves you up to 80% from what you are currently paying for international calls from U.S. based prisons and jails. reviews show many satisfied international customers in nearly every major country in the world. So wherever you are in the world, GlobalTel promises to do everything they can to lower the cost of your international inmate phone bill. Pricing

The international jail call monthly service plan from GlobalTel reviews cost is $45.99 for 90 Days. You receive one Special Jail Phone Number and an additional $45.99 worth of inmate calls forwarded to your international phone number. The call charges will be deducted from your account each time your inmate makes a call to your Special Jail Phone Number.

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An investigation into GlobalTel reviews ruled their reputation to be trustworthy.

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