Graeme Holm Westpac Professional

Graeme Holm, a co-founder of Infinity Group, kicked off his employment at Westpac as a Mobile Lending Manager and Bank Manager. Westpac was Australia’s first bank and is currently one of the ‘big four’. It offers banking services to consumers and businesses, as well as institutional banking and wealth management services.

Graeme Holm Westpac operated initially at Westpac in NSW, primarily at offices across the Illawarra region for four yrs. He then worked at Westpac branches across South-East Queensland for yet another four yrs.

During his time at Westpac, Graeme put his sales and negotiation skill-sets to work and developed a strong portfolio of referral networks around Sydney and its surrounds. By the time he left his role, he had attained a large book value of brokers and lender referral suppliers.

Budgetary insights from Graeme Holm Westpac

This is the Professional History of Graeme Holm Westpac Thanks to this eight-year career at Westpac, Graeme has built up crucial knowledge into the finance and banking industry. Initiating his career at the company provided Graeme with beneficial expertise that he now leverages in order to support clients and colleagues in the brokerage sector. In his function as Director of Infinity Group Australia, his practical knowledge from his time at Westpac permits him to advise clients on the most effective approaches to pay of their debt and take control of their finances.

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