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About Graeme Holm Infinity Investments Group: Graeme and Rebecca Walker started Infinity Group Australia in 2013. They combined a mutual passion for finance and desire to help everyday Australians reduce debt, create wealth and secure their futures.

About Graeme Holm Infinity Investments Group 

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Graeme Holm from Infinity Investments Group

Launched in Port Macquarie, Infinity Group quickly expanded to three Sydney and Bella Vista offices, driven by demand from Australian families for their exceptional mortgage management services. In the last 12 months alone, they have reduced clients’ mortgages by $6.3M, eliminated an average of $41,000 debt per client and reduced a combined 3,376 years off clients’ mortgages.

Director Graeme Holm Infinity Investments Group, has a Masters in Business Administration, has over 15 years’ experience in the banking and finance industry.  He realised the poor deal financial institutions were offering to families, and was determined to find a better way to allow families to live a financially comfortable life. Graeme is an expert in mortgage broking, property investment, debt reduction and financial planning. Provigil

Rebecca Walker, director, has extensive experience in the mortgage and debt reduction industry. She holds a Diploma in Financial Planning, Certificate IV in Financial Services Mortgage Broking and a full corporate real estate licence. Rebecca was responsible for the creation of the hugely successful Infinity Group Debt Reduction model and remains passionate about helping others to achieve financial freedom.

Infinity Investments Group Achievements

Operating since 2014, Graeme Holm Infinity Investments Group Australia has been recognised as a trustworthy and forward-thinking company that puts customers first. Client relationships are built on care, integrity, passion and trust – a mantra that has earned Infinity Group industry respect. In 2018 they were featured in the Australian Financial Times Most Innovative Companies List. In 2017 they were in the running for for the Customer Service Experience category of the Optus My Business Awards . The company was also shortlisted for the prestigious Vow Financial Altitude Awards. In 2016 they were named Broker Partner of the Year – Rising Star at the Vow Financial Altitude Awards. All Infinity’s achievements are listed here

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