With the iPhone 8 recently coming out, many wonder what the difference is and if it’s worth the upgrade.

The iPhone 8 looks very similar to the iPhone 7 with rounded sides and Touch ID button. The difference between the two would be most visible in the glass back, which replaced the 7000-series aluminium in the iPhone 7. The glass in the new phone is used by Apple to apply wireless charging.

Which iPhone is more powerful? TrustedReviews tested the speed of the two phones and found the iPhone 8 to be faster. In some apps it almost doubled the scores and is overall very smooth in user experience. Although the iPhone 8 is faster, the iPhone 7 is still very fast compared to all phones out there.

TrustedReviews found there was not much more to the iPhone 8 compared to the iPhone 7. With minor updates like a slightly better camera and screen quality as well as a longer battery life, the iPhone 8 has some small upgrades but not as significant as previous upgrades between iPhones.