The beginning years of Lile Wellness Partners

Since 2008, Lile Wellness Partners have been providing outstanding healthcare for their clients. The practice was opened initially as Island Medical Practice by Dr Laura Lile, in Grosse Ile, Michigan. Over time the practice transitioned into concierge medication. This change saw dramatic growth in work, causing new workplaces to be opened in Franklin, Michigan, Atlanta, Georgia and Nashville, Tennessee. The head office is in Alpharetta, GA.

In 2015, the practice’s name was changed to Lile Wellness Partners. This new name embodied the shifts in treatment that was adopted to see clients achieve health. The crucial elements of having the state of the art technology, care consultation and a thorough diagnostic process, show the practice’s commitment to wellness. Lile Wellness Partners also see the vital importance of developing a partnership with the client. This involves taking time to listen and then guide them their path to wellness.

Qualified team to provide care for clients

Lile Wellness Partners has a growing team who is trained by Dr Lile. The doctor spends her time concentrating on her concierge and consulting practice; however, she is committed to passing on her knowledge to her staff. Lile Wellness Partners is staffed by highly experienced experts, trained by Dr Lile, to manage less complicated cases as well as to consult on more serious cases. The staff is equipped to provide excellent treatment for patients no matter the degree of complexity of their health concerns.

As Lile Wellness Partners has grown as a practice, so has their capacity to care for our individuals’ general medical needs. The services of Lile Wellness Partners expanded throughout the years to improving individualized treatments, accurate diagnoses of complex cases and a thorough examination of a patients’ medical history. Through providing one on one consultations and also follow up services through the concierge system, the patients of the practice are given the very best care.

Lile Wellness Partners value the art and science of your health and wellness

Lile Wellness Partners is devoted to satisfying the ever-changing needs of clients to aid direct them with a unique combination of conventional and natural medical treatments. They concentrate on innovative and natural therapies that assist your body to boost nutritional condition, enhance the immune system and help the body restore itself. The medical team digs deeper into comprehending your medical history as well as valuing the opportunity to get to know you as a person.

Lile Wellness Partners knows that no two people’s chemical makeup is the same. Dr Lile, who leads the team, is as a licensed compounding pharmacist with years of experience is able to prescribe a combination of natural supplements and medical prescriptions that will assist the client’s body’s recovery.

If you would like holistic care for your health concerns, then please contact Lile Wellness Partners. Below you can find a list of programs the practice provides.


  • Concierge: extremely individual, powerful, and extensive care
  • Consulting: targeted care by professionals on a per-visit basis
  • Worsening: tailored prescriptions for ideal outcomes
  • Thermography: Safe, infrared images identify what’s below the exterior.