Matthew Boorer’s Leaves Dishonest Feedback on eBay (Mattheboore0)

Matthew Boorer of MIRBOO VIC purchased some old childhood Lima HO scale trains on eBay. The items were described as follows:

These all worked fin the last time I used them (38 years ago 🙂
What you see is what you get, please don’t ask questions, as i don’t have answers.
They will be wrapped very carefully with lots of padding for postage.

Matthew Boorer paif $26 for all these items. As you can see, the description clearly indicated that “What you see is what you get”. There were many photos, and the photos clearly showed the condition of each train and carriage. There was a single Locomotive/Motor with coal carriage, that item alones sells for between $140-300 second hand in good condition:

I think there was a missing wheel, which was in the picture, these consumable parts cost only $2.00 to replace.


Matthew Boorer left my only negative feedback I have received for years, out of 230 positives. His complaint was as follows:

This is very wrong Matthew? What part of “What you see is what you get…” don’t you understand? Please correct your unreasonable review, mark it honestly, in keeping with the truth, as the item was EXACTLY AS DESCRIBED”.