REVIEW AUDIT: Milka Von Rhedey 94%+ Customer Satisfaction

The independant audit identifies malicious and fake reviews against Milka Von Rhedey. MOTIVE:  Underanded reputation attack by underhanded competitors.

Milka Von Rhedey verified reviews after ajusting for bogus reviews is 94% or better.

Investigative Techniques in Determining Facts:

  1. Vet all alleged reviews posted by the supposedly unhappy customers (very few instances)
  2. Eliminate reviews posted by competitors based on IP address trace to premesis
  3. Disguard fake reviews posted by “bogus” aliases, that were only created to:
    1. File anonymous accusations about Milka & additional targets.
    2. Post fake praises for Milka’s competitors within minutes of the attacks on her.
    3. Ignore fabricated persona reviews with impossible geographic scenarios. For example, claiming to have been talking face-to-face with Milka only moments after reviewing a café over 1,000 miles away..

Independent Review Audit Undertaken for M. Von Rhedey

Fashion knowledge
Writing Skills
Organizational skills

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