nexusmyst logoNexusMyst is a Rapid, Digital-crime, Geographic Nexus Acquisition Solution. For more than nine years, NexusMyst investigators are contracted globally by numerous law enforcement agencies for criminal investigative support and private investigations related to Internet-based crimes.

NexusMyst is a disruption business model that avoids traditional court-ordered discovery processes. As a result, NexusMyst reduces cyber-crime investigations by multiple weeks or even months. This time reduction is especially crucial in exploitation cases, stalking, or other online crimes against vulnerable individuals.

NexusMyst’s is an elegant but simple solution that addresses the lower tier of the cybercrime pyramid and identifies jurisdictional accountability. These crimes are relatively unsophisticated but hold the highest volume of reported cybercrime. The number of incidents, when pursued using traditional court-based discovery and investigative procedures, are an unmanageable burden for law enforcement. As a result, most of these cyber crimes cannot be sufficiently investigated or solved. This causes a high level of unsolved cybercrime which all jurisdictions’ statistics reflect. The solution is also useful cases with domestic violence, human exploitation, and cyber-harassment cases. NexusMyst can also support investigations with highly sophisticated crimes containing a cyber element.

What inspired NexusMyst

NexusMyst found that victims of cyber fraud and cybercrime are hiring private investigators as police don’t want to or don’t have the capacity to investigate.

The Times shared that tens of thousands of victims of fraud were having their cases disregarded by a computer algorithm as not worthy of investigation, after reporting reports to Action Fraud, the UK’s national reporting centre. Solely cases entailing ₤100 or more are immediately passed to an investigator.

Jack Roberts, managing director of Global Investigations, a firm based in London, stated that he was handling between 200 and 300 cases a year for members of the public who had lost money to scams but had been informed by police that there was nothing more they were able to do.

How NexusMyst helps law enforcement

From a statistical and political perspective, NexusMyst will nearly immediately enhance public confidence in your crime fighting and enforcement capabilities by lowering unsolved crime statistics and solving cold cases. This is possible by helping investigators to establish previously unknown geographic nexus, and forward them on to the appropriate jurisdictions for action. This makes law enforcement able to remove them from the books and statistics.