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Rexxfield specializes in dealing with online defamation, online stalking and cybercrimes. The cybercrime investigators protect victims of libel, slander, defamation and privacy invasions. They offer their investigative and SEO services to restore their client’s names and reputations. The company services individuals, businesses as well as law enforcement.

Rexxfield’s founder, Michael Roberts, is a Journalist, Licensed Private Investigator, and civil and criminal litigation support specialist. He founded Rexxfield after being a victim of defamation and slander himself. He previously coordinated security consulting for the US Air Force, NATO and the UN.

Identifying anonymous internet users

The Rexxfield cyber investigators help clients to locate the information needed to convince antagonists to stop their harassment. If they continue, the investigators can help with litigation to establish the best case possible for court.

Rexxfield’s cyber investigators and partner attorneys have a track record of finding and positively identifying anonymous forum and blog posters of malicious online libel. Their skills identify attackers, often without the need for court action, saving clients tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees.

Case Studies

Rexxfield assisted the U.S. Marshals in locating a murder fugitive. The man was on the run in association with the homicide of a 26-year-old victim in 2013. After a two-month manhunt, Michael was able to locate the fugitive in 73 minutes.

The Cyber Investigators also supported the Computer Crime Investigation Unit of the Australian State Police. A threat was made against an Australian state police service about an attack against its online resources and the publishing of serving member database. Within three hours, Rexxfield was able to positively identify operational personas and real identities of the key participants, resolve network infrastructure, geolocation, and other identifying information.

Rexxfield also conducts pro bono investigations.

During a pro bono case, Michael also had an innocent man released from jail. A man was in custody for allegedly sending electronic death threats to his estranged wife. He lost his freedom through imprisonment, lost child custody, assets, income, and reputation. The cyber investigation unit proved that the threats came from the alleged victim herself. She was setting up her husband to get an advantage in child custody proceedings. As a result of the investigation, the innocent man was released after 12 nights in county jail. His estranged wife was charged.

State Police Service, Fraud and Corporate Crime Group (Computer Crime Investigation Unit)

The Australian state police service received a threat that included an attack against its online resources and the publishing of undercover officers’ personal information

Rexxfield Cyber Investigation Services:

  • Online Defamation Removal
  • Public Relations and Crisis Management
  • Identify Cyber Stalkers, Anonymous Bloggers etc.
  • Legal Support and Forensic Investigations
  • Hacker and vulnerability assessments to identify weak security points

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