“I’ve tried everything and nothing works.” Sounds familiar? “The Hashimoto’s Solution clients are blown away and shocked at what they learn” says Dr. Karen. “I help people learn how to heal from the inside out” she continues. She doesn’t believe in drugs, diets, junk supplements. That is why the team at The Hashimoto’s Solution guides, leads, trains, coaches to educate clients on healing.

Dr Karen from The Hashimoto’s Solution strongly believes healing and health is possible for people suffering with Hashimoto’s disease. She is optimistic that regardless of claims to the contrary, it is achievable to heal Hashimoto’s. Not everyone will achieve total remission, but almost all clients can reach a life filled with energy, endurance, and a pleasure for life again!

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How The Hashimoto’s Solution Works

Regrettably, many health care providers will not listen. They think they know best. Many don’t know the complexity of Hashimoto’s Disease. Consequently, the main message most patients receive is that there is nothing they can do about it.

Dr Karen Cross ensures her clients that restorative healing is possible and that living with Hashimoto’s does not have to be a life of struggles.

A Hashimoto’s Expert supplies the Hashimoto’s Solution. Dr Karen has been relieving (hands-on) Hashimoto’s clients for over 20 years. She has received training in Endocrinology and Thyroid Health. She now only gives health coaching in a small group environment. After an initial consultation, she will instruct you how to cure your body and keep yourself healthy for the long term.

Every body is different. No schedule, procedure, product list, or meal plan can work for all. You are unique, and Karen and her team individualize their help specified to you. They determine their plan together with you. After all, no one knows you greater than you know yourself.

“True healing cannot be found inside a doctor’s office. We must heal from the inside out, balancing the body, mind and spirit.” – Dr. Karen

Guidance from an Hashimoto’s Specialist

Dr Karen is a leading Hashimoto’s expert and holds extensive knowledge about issues such as Adrenal Fatigue, and other Endocrine disorders.
Dr Karen has been a Family Nurse Practitioner for more than 20 years and a Naturopath for the past six years. She at first trained in Endocrinology and operated for five years under the best Endocrinologists in the Seattle region. After that, Karen transferred into family practice, treating individuals of all ages for a wide array of health disorders. Disappointed with standard medicine, assigning drugs for symptoms and being kept to the 10 minute only visits, she moved out of this type of medicine. She went back to school to get her Doctorate in Naturopathy.

Dr Karen started her private practice as an FNP and Naturopath in Boise, Idaho, and it has grown to one of the most popular offices in the area. She recently sold this practice to focus on health coaching. Her new freedom permits her to reach a broader group through The Hashimoto’s Solution. It also gives her more time with her family and three kids.

The Hashimoto’s Solution reviews

Her specialty and passion is enabling Hashimoto’s patient’s overcome this disease and heal once and for all. Dr Karen is well-loved by her clients as she has a compassion for people that are unwell and fatigued and need answers! She has a unique ability to teach in a way that is simple to understand and enjoyable.

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