Submitted TvStartup Reviews from Customers

TvStartup enables customers to start and monetize their very own internet TV network. Based on the online customer TvStartup reviews, the company delivers what it promises, along with excellent on-hand customer service.

I went into new media territory feeling it would be complicated, but the TvStartup team has been by my side each step of the way. Competent and helpful customer service representatives led me through each stage of the process to get my channel set up. I’ve been a customer for more than two years now, and I highly recommend them to everyone who wants to break into the streaming industry. Thank you TvStartup!
– Shawn

Tvstartup is the only company we use for the “Doctv33” tv network and mobile apps. We have been with this company for more than two years now. The main thing I like about them is that they are real, they are always ready to answer questions and emails. Every time I have sent an email or needed anything, they are on it. We have grown much as a real tv network now, thanks to tvstartup.
– Lazarus

Been with TvStartup for around 2 years, and I have not yet had any issues. The software is very user-friendly and simple to run, even a child can do it. So far my channel and apps have been a very huge success with more than 35k installs. I would definitely endorse TvStartup to everyone who wants to start IPTV apps.
– Jason

After going through the initial setup process, we have seen great success with our Fire TV. I wanted to let other people know that this service did work for me and the support team has been great. They were quite helpful, particularly in the first part when I was learning to use the software as they helped me to implement changes to my channel. I’ve also seen a preview of some of the new features they are pushing out in the next update to their software, and I can say it’s top-notch. Some of the new features are exactly what I was looking for to get to the next level with my network. Big shout out to the guys at TvStartup for helping me get everything set up and running and I’m excited to see where things go next as we add more apps and increase our number of viewers.
– Vincent

Two months ago, I signed up for a Fire TV and Roku channel. I found the setup process a little bit complicated but once everything was ready, I haven’t had any issues. Once my channel was ready, it looked exactly as I envisioned it. I’m so grateful for the way this software allows me to schedule my broadcasts and charge the channel subscription. And every time I have a problem, the support team goes out of their way to get it fixed. Shiloh, a good support agent, has worked after hours to help me fix things. I am very satisfied with the software and service and am planning to add some more platforms with them in the future.
– Immanuel

Recently, I set up my Roku channel with TvStartup, and also put it up on fire TV. So far so good. They called me a few times to make sure I was able to get everything set up and launched. For the last few months, I have been live streaming every weekend. Everything has run smoothly so far, sending it to the Roku and my Facebook page. I needed support a few times, and they helped me quickly and stayed online with me until things were resolved fully. I don’t usually leave reviews, but I wanted to share that I haven’t experienced this level of personalized service from other software companies before. Normally you just get an email, and that’s it. But these guys go out of their way to help, setting up one on one calls when I need them, and I can jump on the chat to get instant help.
– Clarence

I started my Roku channel with tvstartup in 2019. I had some problems getting it launched at the beginning, but the support team assisted me over the phone. After I got it launched, it’s been fine. They also made a website for me to go with my channel and changed it a few times to make it look exactly as I wanted. I have tried a similar service before, but Tvstartup works better, and they are very helpful when I contact them for help. I’m hoping to continue growing my channel and recommend this service to everyone who wants to start their own channel on tv.
– David

In January, Tvstartup created my Fire Tv channel and build my website. Shortly after I purchased the software, one of the support members contacted me and guided me through the process of what I needed to do to get started. I had my channel published and live within a reasonable time. They also created a website for me and I’m very happy with the layout of it. Since then, I’ve needed support twice, and both times they replied very quickly and answered my questions. I highly recommend this software and team to people who want to grow as content creators or anyone who is just starting out.
– Zach

If you are trying to start your own TV channel, they are definitely worth going with. I chose to start my Roku and Fire TV channels through TVstartup in late 2020, and the support team was there to help every step of the way. One of the support people even spent an hour on the phone with me one day, to clarify some things. Since my channels are live, I haven’t had any negative experiences with TVstartup. Definitely would recommend them to everyone.
– Bradley

I started my Roku channel with TvStartup in July 2020 and added mobile apps in September. I can say that I’ve had a good experience with them. We are doing well so far in expanding our audience. I have even been able to get multiple advertisers to run ads on my network. While there were a few difficulties with technical details, in the beginning, to get everything launched, they have definitely improved the tech support over time. Already recommended them to a colleague of mine to start his channel with them.
– Kenneth

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